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High Stakes Poker Season 6, Episode 12

"Wow!!  Wow!!  What a call?" - Mike Matusow

"Nice call, man." - Eli

"Where you thinking of raising?" - Tom "durrrr" Dwan with a very confused look on his face.

"No." - Elky

"How can you fold?  How can you fold?  You people must be playing a different game than I am!"

This conversation happened after durrrr bet 58k on the river into a $147k pot on a 3sAsAh/9h/Ac board after raising pf, betting the flop and checking the turn.  Elky took a while to finally call him with TT for a chopped pot with durrrr's TT.

Elky must have taken an incredible amount of time (edited down for TV) to make the call.  Durrrr seemed to think that it was a no brainer call with 9x, TT-KK, and a hero fold with 77 or 88.  In his mind (I think) he was value betting his TT and hoping to get paid off by 9sXs hands or a mid pair.

Yes, most of the rest of the table are probably playing a different game than you, Tom.  Isn't that how you are so successful?  Isn't that why you have an edge?  Whether it is someone clearly playing with scared money (Matusow), someone with playing on one bullet, someone that views the money as actual real world money, or someone that can't fold trips when they are obviously beat.

I think most of us nobodies that like to play poker would at least have to think about the possibility of durrrr having JJ-KK.  It might also cross our minds that durrrr has something like A3 or A9 - although we could probably discount those hands because he would be betting the turn almost 100% of the time on a board with two spades and two hearts.  For the same reason, we could probably discount the rest of the AX hands.

So, I know that I would have to at least think about the call before making it.  Maybe some of our brains don't process information as fast as durrrr's.  I blame the keg parties during my college years. 

The video below starts right before durrrr's river bet.  Search for clip 3 if you want to see the entire hand.

1 response to "Yes, yes they are (and most of us are too)"

  1. It makes you wonder how people can think poker is NOT a game of skill.

    Memphis MOJO