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A few weeks ago I was playing so 2/5NL $100 max buy-in poker at the Hard Rock in Tampa when a strange situation came up.  (I know, LOL.  July 1st will be here soon enough and we will have real uncapped poker.)

After a few hours I was involved in a pot that was heads up between me and another guy on the river.  He went all in.  I missed my flush but hit top pair on the river and called.  He instantly flipped up a set.  I went to muck and the dealer said, "Turn up your cards." as I was mucking them.  He then grabbed my cards out of the muck and turned them over.

I didn't get mad but I did ask him, "Why?  I've never had to do that before."

The dealer said matter of factly, "It is to prevent collusion.  Any time someone is all in you have to show your cards."  I didn't press the issue, but it just seems horribly wrong to me.

This was a cash game.  No one asked to see my cards.  The guy that won the pot was getting all in at least 2-3 times/orbit.

Has anyone ever run across this in a live cash game before?  Am I missing something?

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  1. The only rule I'm aware of is that any player in the hand can request the showdown loser's mucked cards be displayed. It is poor etiquette, but to prevent collusion. As far as the dealer forcing a showdown, though - never seen that before.

    The Poker Meister

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  3. Wouldn't preventing collusion have to do with an all-in and a fold with a third person active in the hand vs. all-in and a call heads-up?

    Personally I think the dealer was talking out of his/her ass.


  4. You are missing something: You are in Florida, where incompetence goes to thrive!


  5. The dealer is wrong, plain and simple.

    Memphis MOJO