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Contact Info: running out on the BBT5

Time keeps on ticking away. The BBT5 is getting close to completion. It looks like there are four tourneys left - 2 Mookies, 1 Invitational, and 1 PFTR. I'll only be able to play three of them since I'll be at Game 5 of the Orlando/Boston series on the final day of BBT5 tourneys.

I'm going to make my best effort to bring my "A" game to each of my three remaining tourneys. I need to pick my spots better and focus only on the BBT tourney instead of firing up a couple of Rush cash games at the same time. Rush cash and the BBT tourneys are completely different animals and the most profitable plays in each are at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

I predict at least a FT at the minimum in one of the tourneys and hopefully a win or top 2 in the Invitational. I'm not going so far as calling my shot, but leaving myself the opening for saying that I called my shot. :)

Time...for the Magic to step it up a notch

The title says it all. They didn't look like they showed up for Game 1 until the fourth quarter. Stan Van Gundy is a good motivator and he has plenty of ammunition to get everyone to step it up tonight. I guess the positive they can take from Game 1 is that when they finally started playing, they turned a 20 point deficit into a game they could have won.

Go Magic!!!!

------------------------ almost here for uncapped poker in FL!!!

I may have to put a countdown clock for July 1, 2010. FL will finally enter the real poker world. The current $100 max buy-in will change to real poker - no more caps on buy-ins!!!


------------------------ getting closer for the WSOP

My Sunday tourney experience has me re-thinking how many tourneys I will play in LV. I was planning to play a $1.5k WSOP mtt and a $2.1k Venetian DS mtt. I may just play one or the other and stick to cash for the rest of the time. I guess I'll play it by ear on how I'm feeling that week.

I'll be taking enough to LV for to play 2/5 comfortably and both tourneys. Maybe I'll stick to the cash games and take some shots at 5/10 if I'm running well. kick some blogger ass.

Time....for me to get back to work.

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