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Last night during the Orlando/Boston ECF Game 2, a fan starting giving one of the refs a hard time during a time out.  The ref threw the ball at him.  The fan threw it back.  The ref immediately had him ejected from what was probably at least a $1k seat (prob a lot higher) since he had access to floor level.

It makes you wonder if a referee with such a short fuse should be one of the few refs selected to officiate a conference finals game.  Do you think we should be suspended from reffing for the rest of the playoffs?  Is this really the guy that you make to be making calls in Game 7 of a series?  Does he have more potential to call a foul in a close situation against a player that has complained to him when a "good no call" is in order?

2 responses to "NBA Ref a little quick to make calls"

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  2. I wish the ref had chucked it a little harder. : o )

    Actually, I am tired of d-bag fan behavior. Seems to me the ref could have either booted the guy or jammed him with the ball. Both = poor judgment.

    Of course, that's just me ...