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I'll be heading to the Daytona Beach Kennel Club on Sunday to play a charity satellite to the Venetian Deep Stack tourneys.  1st is entry into the $5k DS ME + airfare for 2 + Hotel + $1k in Venetian restaurant credit.  2nd - 5th is the same package but entry into the $2,100 tourney that I plan to play while out there.  They are also paying cash.

The bad news....I tried to buy my entry today and they are SOLD OUT.  I was told to come early Sunday to get on the DREADED alternate list.

I guess I'll go.  Surely the bustouts will be fast and furious and I can get seated before the blinds start getting out of control.

Hopefully, I get seated before all the dead money is gone.

3 responses to "Venetian Deep Stack LIVE satellite tourney"

  1. GL cmitch!


  2. So, I guess you are saying you are not one of those "dead money" people. In that case. Good Luck to you.

    Live the Dream.


  3. wonka - I am dead money just not as dead as some of the money. :)

    I would have thought they would have bent over backwards to get me into the tourney since I am dead money!!