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We are a little less than 2 hours from the start of another BBT5 tourney on Full Tilt Poker.  I think tonight is a must play, after all it's the BBT5 and it's Cinco de Mayo!!!!  5/5/10.

Fuel55 is probably a 2 to 1 favorite to win the BBT5 MookieDank.  (I like the hybrid instead of going all the way to calling it the Dank or the Buddy - sorry Waffles)

If you hold pocket fives preflop, they are at least a 5x favorite against aces tonight.

Good Luck to everyone tonight.  I'll be rooting for you to come in 2nd.

CINCO de BBT!!!!

EDIT:  Out quickly thanks to some horrible play on my part!!

3 responses to "Cinco de BBT"


    Let's Do this!


  2. I'm on call and we've got thunderstorms comin in. Hope I don't have to leave in the middle of the tournament. Good luck!


  3. Long as it's not The Mookie you win. heh.