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I haven't read too many blogs or got around to posting because we are staying at condo at the beach for the week celebrating my wife's birthday - at least that is our excuse. Nothing like a little R&R to do the body and mind good.

I have played a little poker here and there, but not too much.

I did notice that wippy1313 posted his mantras and asked that a few other bloggers (including me) post some of ours. I'm going to be lazy right now since I'm on vacation and just point to a few of my past posts for this one - I may think about it more and get in depth when I get back from vacation.

Slump Busting - not really mantras, but does have some self reflection.

GG Variance - Keeping a positive outlook and playing your best.

Making your image work for you

I have been playing a little bit of 5/10 again - mainly just on the weekends or just 1 table at a time. 2/4 is still my regular game right now, but I am hoping to move back up to 5/10 permenantly soon. I think the hands below show the benefits of making your image work for you. - I had made a bluff bet on the river when I missed my flush with this player at my table earlier in the night. I hated the river and really didn't expect a call, but made a big enough bet hoping he might think I missed a draw again. I still amazed that I got a call on the river though. He can only really beat a bluff with that call. - BIG POT with 8 HIGH!!! I played this hand pretty horribly - feel free to rip into me. I had been getting 3 bet quite a bit by this player. He was doing it often enough that I knew he was 3 betting light quite a bit. I figured that if I flopped big I would probably get paid off. I called the flop with the intention of leading out big on the turn, then the Ace came. I really didn't know what to do at the point. I had the straight and flush outs and probably still should have bet out. I checked and he bet enough to basically put me all in. I thought and finally decided to call. I couldn't believe that he was on a complete bluff. I missed the river, but still won with 8 high. :) - Not sure what he was thinking. I guess he put me on a flush draw and he thought he was good. - ??? He put me on a steal maybe?? - Don't mind getting it in ahead and losing hands like these ( are the nature of the game.

I'm not sure if I'll post again before I get back from the beach. Good Luck at the tables.

4 responses to "Relaxing at the Beach & Making Your Image Work for You"

  1. That looks like a nice spewage table. I don't mind the reraise call with 87s when the stacks are deep. That is how you win monster pots. 8-high being good is certainly one for the record books.


  2. PS Now you know why I like overbetting for value since so many donks will push bluff.


  3. First 4 hands - you were quite lucky. And I see you raise 3-4 times the big blind with almost any cards, which is so-so. Certainly 88 and A5s are discussable.


  4. not sure who anonymous is but I am guessing that you don't play 6 max cash games?? You obv. can't just wait for AA-JJ to raise preflop