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I had completely horrible luck in tourneys yesterday - it reminded me of why I prefer cash games.

I lost KK vs AJ all-in preflop when very deep stacked to bust out of turbo satellite.
I lost 1/3 of my stack in the P5s FTOPS Main Event satellite when I made a blind vs. blind call with A7 against a short stacked 107 - flop cam 689. I followed this up by a horrible shove on my part with JJ against an early position min-raiser that had KK.
I got knocked out of the Mookie early with a set of 9s vs a set of Queens.

Enough whining, on to a few cash game hands.


Fuel55 preaches that you should never fold presto. I should have listened to him I guess.

Background: Guy to my left is 24/17/13 (VP$IP/PFR&/TAF) and had been squeezing too much for his own good. The guy to my right probably had a decent hand. He was 16/11/2.3 over 800 hands. I decide to call a standard button preflop raise ($14) from the SB. BB pops it up to $69 ($55 more coincidentally enough). The button calls and I have to fold in that position because I am obviously drawing to two outs against the button and this may be the time the BB had a big hand. The turn would have brought gin for me. I'll listen to Fuel55 about "Presto is Gold" from now on and ignore everything - shove with P5s pre. (j/k Fuel)

How to play Kings

I was dealt KK several times yesterday and played it a little different depending on my opponent.

KK Hand 1 - Running KK into AA in a 6 max is sometimes hard to avoid. Most of the time I will 4 bet preflop if I am 3 bet with Kings. Sometimes, I'll mix things up a little (so that it is tougher for my opponents to put me on a hand range) and just flat call the 3 bet if OOP with the intention of either betting a non-ace flop big or check-raising all-in. My thinking being that if I am going to go broke preflop with KK vs. AA, I might as well milk as much money as I can out of AK, QQ, JJ, or some other random hand by an aggressive opponent. It worked perfect on this hand, because there is a 50/50 chance that this opponent would have probably folded his QQ preflop to a big 4 bet. The result was unlucky (chopped str8 on board), but I think the hand shows that you need to mix things up a little occassionly.

KK Hand 2 - Cooler hand for opponent - now way he is folding there. Set vs. Set.

KK Hand 3 - I guess this guy thought I was on a flush draw that missed. I made calculated crying call on the river - guessing he was on a missed flush draw. I made the call because I was getting 2.4 to 1 on the bet and I was figuring there was about 50/50 I was good because this player was making that same bet with a missed draw.

2 responses to "Presto and Kings in Cash Games"

  1. $55 to set mine against two opponents might be worth it once in a while but you woulda folded on the flop anyway. Rarely is it correct to fold presto but this may have been one of those times ...


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