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As a follow up to yesterday's post, I noticed that a mod named "nation" on 2+2 has chimed into the "NL Bots on Full Tilt" thread. He says the following:



I know chuck, the owner of full_tilting. I hesitated to write anything on the subject because he didn't want to draw more attention, but you guys are harassing him at the tables, so might as well prove you guys wrong instead of ignoring it.

Chuck is not using any form of a bot. He plays on full_tilting, and his friends play on the other accounts. They come over, play from the same IP address on different computers, and play exactly the same because they chop up all the profits. They sit next to each other and help each other out with difficult decisions, which is perfectly within the terms and conditions of FTP.

They are hard core grinders. They sit there all day to grind low limits and turn a good profit. Because of some player accusing them of being a bot, their accounts were frozen for the past month and a half, and they lost out on all of that potential profit. However, Full Tilt completely exonerated all accounts associated with full_tilting of any wrong doing.

Again, they're not bots or anything illegal against Full Tilt's terms and conditions. They are simply dedicated grinders who have developed a preflop and postflop style, and never deviate from it unless they have to adjust. They hammer new players and adjust for the regulars.

Now you know why they play so similarly; they play exactly the same. Chuck is a good guy, and to be honest, doesn't even know how to configure his virus protection; I had to do it for him. They play next to each other for motivation and chop up profits to reduce variance. Coming in every day, grinding, and sharing in the highs and lows makes it an enjoyable experience for them and is why they're able to grind for so long every day. It's a couple friends just shooting the shtt and putting a jihad on the 200nl tables.

tl;dr: They're not bots and they are acting within Full Tilt's terms and conditions.


ps: chuck has requested that his pictures be taken down from this thread, so if one of the Zoo mods could satisfy that request, he'd appreciate it. thanks.

I am starting to lean more to the side of NotaBot. I was hoping FTP would address this issue in one of threads - possibly showing/explaining how these guys are not bots and what measures they take to ensure that bots aren't being used on their site.

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5 responses to "Bot or Human? Poll"

  1. While slightly plausible, it seems like that's EXACTLY what someone would say if they were running bots from one location.


  2. thats sounds like a load of bullshit to me...explain to me how ur going through hands and talking about difficult situations if ur running like 26 tables...


  3. bot city!

    3 diff guys playing the exact same way for the exact same periods of time over and over again? no way


  4. No human could match those stats for that amount of hands.

    Bot city!


  5. There is no way that three guys can play the same style of play Especially in NL.

    Limit there might be a chance but NL - no way!