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I worked it out with my wife to play a few Sunday tourneys since I had qualified for the WSOP 2 seat freeroll that started at 4:30. I managed to do OK in all three tourneys that I played but was a little frustrated with the results, especially in the 2 seat freeroll. (I also played the Blogger Big Game and went out with AKs vs. 22.)

My results for the 3 Sunday tourneys that I played are as follows:
(I actually played 4 - didn't do too well in the Blogger Big Game.)

FTOPS Main Event - 215th out of 3,798 for $1,234 (Hoyazo finished around 100th - nice work Hoy!!! I know you are feeling that frustration as well, but great showing.)

Pokerstars Sunday Million with $250k added - 632nd out of 10,894 for $725. (I was so punchy last night after watching the kids all morning and playing all day that I actually thought I had won more in the Sunday Million.)

and the one that really hurt....

FTP - WSOP 2 seat Freeroll - 6th out of 193 (2 seats paid). This really hurt because I was pretty much a dominating chip leader from about 100 players until about 12 players. I went out with KJ vs. AJ on a Jack high flop with 2 spades on board.

I'll try to go through the hand histories of these and FTOPS #8 (the one I bubbled) and post some of the one more interesting hands. I had Imperium (the eventual winner of FTOPS #8) at my table for a little while in that event. It was educational watching him play.

I felt like I played great Friday night (FTOPS #8) and yesterday. I am happy with my results, but wish a few things here and there had fallen differently.

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  1. Good Day at the office, way to make us proud.


  2. Nice job!

    Dr. Pauly

  3. Great job cmitch! Well played in the main event!


  4. I'd be interested to get your take on the Imper1ium game.


  5. Well done, bro!


  6. Congrats...was following your progress...maybe should have spent a little more time on my OWN game instead of watching you and Hot move up the leaderboards!


  7. nice job man...


  8. Well played, indeed!

    Matt Silverthorn

  9. wtg cmitch, well played on all counts. I didn't have quite the Sunday that you did but I've been on an FTOPS run of my own over the past week so I can't complain. Nice railing you for a bit in the ME and very well done.

    Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo


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