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I think I need to start being a little more careful about what I say around my kids. My current cell phone ring tone is the Old School Beastie Boys song, "Brass Monkey." The song was stuck in my head last night.

I started singing the following, "Wherever we go...."

My 5 year old daughter completed the line, "We bring the monkey with us."

I can only imagine her trying to explain all the words to "Brass Monkey" to her Catholic School Pre-K teacher. (Not to mention all the other words/phrases that she might have picked up from me.)

Our 1 1/2 year old son is repeating just about anything we say now. The other day my wife accidentally knocked something over and said, "Oh, Shit!!" He immediately repeated it and has said it a few times since, although it does sound more like, "Oh, Sit."

One of his favorite things to say, that gets plenty of laughs in public, is "Oh, Man!" every time that he drops something or something breaks. At least we have been substituting words sometimes. I don't think either of us ever said, "Oh, Man" before we had kids.

Of course, some of the things that kids say (or how they pronounce words) can make for interesting party entertainment. A couple of years ago, when our friend's daughter said, "Frog" it sounded like "Fuck" and when she said "Tent" is sounded like "Shit." It was hours of entertainment asking her to tell everyone that came over that there was a "Frog in Tent" and then watching each person trying to decide what they thought she said. :)


Convention Poker

Yesterday, I heard that the poker tourney at the convention that I am heading to tomorrow is not being run by the party planning company that is doing everything else. Instead it is being run by a guy from one of the other chapters. It was added to the convention at his request because he had a lot fun that last time he played in one at a convention. (After all, how hard could it be to run a tourney at 10 pm with a bunch of drunk players?)

I wonder how that will go?
Cheap plastic chips or a chip set that someone got for X-mas, Father's Day, B-day, etc. mixed with a few other sets?
Convention type folding tables and chairs instead of poker tables?
Blind Escalation every 3 hands?

Someone mentioned to me that I might have to deal - I suck at dealing and really won't enjoy people telling me how to deal or the guy that has 3 Aces with a 10 kicker telling me that I need to split the pot when I push the pot to the guy 3 Aces with a King kicker.

It should be fun. :) I'll have a report when I get back.

4 responses to "Brass Monkey, That Funky Monkey"

  1. Not as bad as when I used to play cards with the guys. Playing hearts for $ and starting the "Hunt for the C**T". Most of our games were after Shelby was LONG asleep 10 P or worse

    Forward two years later where my 4 year old comes out to get water "I wuz thirwsty daddy" and we start "The Hunt for..." we pause when we see Shelby and she says "for the C**T Daddy! Can I watch?"


    Needless to be said, games were no longer held at my house anymore.

    Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean

  2. KajaBaby says 'Oh Man' all the time. It's what Swiper the Fox says when Dora makes sure no swiping is going on.

    She also says 'Oh Crap', but she learned that from us.


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