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FTOPS #8 PL Holdem - 153 places paid

Nothing like going from this (8 out of 261)....

To this (154th- paying 153)......

Thanks to losing to a two outer and then losing the better side of a race to what looked like the big stack pushing around the table on the bubble. - 99 loses to 88 all in preflop. - Looked like a re-steal by the big stack on the bubble. I was happy when he flipped up his least until the turn. If I knew what he had, I would take my chances there to get a big stack. I really thought he could have any 2 there and I was ahead because it was the literal bubble and he had a monster stack. I'm sure a lot of people out there will make the case for folding, but I wasn't trying to eek into the money and I think I am ahead way more often than I am behind there.

I'll post the good hands that I saved some time in the next few days. Tournament poker is fun.

6 responses to "FTOPS #8 Bubble Boy - Literally"

  1. vomit...on the bust out hand


  2. I looked and saw you and I appeared to be the only bloggers left and you were in the top-10. I "hung around and hung around" and when the bubble burst, I did a little jig. That is, until I noticed who the bubble victim was. Tough, man. Really tough.


  3. ouch!


  4. Yep, that is pretty gross.


  5. Am I the only person that takes pride in bubbling? At least you were trying to accumulate chips and not trying to cash like a bitch!

    Chad Carpenter (Yahoo IM: carchd)

  6. Nice job in the FTOPS ME. Congrats.