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I am starting to make my WSOP plans. I am currently planning on heading out to Las Vegas on July 5th with my wife and one of her friends. There are two other couples that are considering going also, but I am going to make the plans now since they haven't decided yet. My current thinking is to book the Rio for 7/5/-7/12. My wife and her friend will leave on 7/9.

I plan to play a Super Satellite (or two) on 7/5 if I haven't won my seat to the Main Event before then. I may also play some of the the smaller events that start after the Main Event, if I don't qualify. Does anyone know if they are having additional events that start after the Main Event like last year? I haven't seen any on the schedule.

Are there any deals/sites that I should book my hotel through? I am planning on calling the Rio and seeing what rate they offer vs. the website and then trying to get the WSOP entrant discounted rate. Any idea if I can get the discounted rate if I only play the Super Sats and non-Main Event Tourneys (assuming they have some starting after the ME)?


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I am heading to a convention this week and they have a poker tourney on Thursday night. I don't know any of the details (prizes, structure, # of players, etc.). The only thing that I know is that there are 80+ people and probably at least 40-50 spouses/significant others goings for a total of 120-130. I am guessing that there will probably be 40-50 in the tourney.

The tourney is scheduled from 10 PM - 12 PM. LOL. So if there are 40 that is one bustout every 3 minutes. It will be fun to see what structure they wind up with.

The funniest thing is there are a couple of people that I work with that think that I will have no problem winning the tourney. In their mind I must be better than all the other people in the tourney because I have won seats/trips to Aruba, WSOP Main Event, and Atlantis in the past. (I try not to discuss any big $$ wins at work) A few of them don't seem to understand the amount of luck that will be involved in doing well in a 2 hour live tourney, no matter how much I try to explain. Oh well, it should be fun donking it up will people that aren't sure whether a straight beats a flush or full house.


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I didn't get a chance to play the Mookie on Wednesday, so a few people were able to gain some ground on me. I will probably me able to play the MATH tonight, but not sure about the Mookie or Riverchasers.

I am certain that I will drop several spots unless I have a great showing tonight.

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  1. CMITCH let me know what you find out as for rooms at the Rio I will probably be booking my flight package nex week. I was think about staying at Harrah but if the Rio is offering a discount I may look at them.



  2. Ummm, so, yea, is your wife's friend hot? :-)


  3. Rio has a discounted rate, but so do Bally's, Harrah's, and the Flamingo. Flamingo is lowest, they have a post-registrant rate of 65 weekday and 120 weekend.

    Not that I've been inquiring or anything.


  4. GL on winning your seat at the WSOP. Sure wish I was going out this year. But 2008 for sure!


  5. OSU - I'll let you know what I find out. I stayed at the Rio last yr and wouldn't stay anywhere else - just for convience alone.

    Lucko - um, she's married and you wouldn't be interested. The key to her bringing a fried is that I can spend 24 hrs/day at the tables and they can go have fun doing something other than poker.

    Now, I just need to get busy trying to qualify.


  6. July 9-16 there are "Second Chance" tournaments at 7 pm $550 buy-in


  7. I've always wanted to do some gambling out in Las Vegas, but I can never seem to find the time.