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First thing is first - GO GATORS!!!

$30K Goal by WSOP

I am only up a little over 1k on FTP and PS in cash games including bonuses. I seem to take 4 steps forward and 3 1/2 steps back. It is kind of frustrating. I think that the pressure of trying to hit the milestone is effecting my play and causing me to play when I normally wouldn't.

I am going to stop the $30k goal for now and just go back to playing poker without the pressures of playing X amount of hands or winning X$ this week/month, etc. This will keep me from playing when I am too tired and distracted.


I need to get serious about winning my seat to the WSOP. We were over at some friends house last night and started making WSOP plans. We are going whether I win my seat or not - along with 3-4 other couples. I guess I am going to start devoting more time to winning my way into the big WSOP Super Sats on FTP and PS.

Cash Game Swings

I saw a couple of posts today talking about the swings in cash games. I know all too well how crazy/brutal they can be. The downswings can be hard to overcome, but only make your game stronger in the long run. (I am thinking about putting together a post on downswings/stepping down limits when thinks are clicking)


Oh yeah - GO GATORS!!!!!!!

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  1. the buckeyes and gators go at it again for the national championship!

    that's just insane. i wonder if it's ever happenened before.

    if you guys win both, that's just sick.


  2. O

    is FL's bitch.