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I didn't fair too well in the $1k WSOP Super Sat last night.

The first hand I picked up JsJd and raised 4x BB preflop. Two callers and the flop AcQc3c. I check fold. That hand kind of summed up how things went for me the rest of the tourney.

I raised preflop and continuation bet twice on meaningless flops with AK only to have to fold to all-in re-raises both times. (It was the same guy both times. We were very deep stacked in relation to the blinds and there was no way that I was calling off all my chips in that situation with A high.)

A little while later I lost a few chips in SB with 66 vs. the BB's AQ when a Queen came on the river.

I was around 650-800 for a good portion of the 50/100 level. I pushed from late position with K10s and was called by 66. I didn't improve and was out somewhere around 52 of 73.

I felt like I kept winding up with the 2nd best hands and maybe overplayed AK a little early. Hopefully, I'll fair better next time.

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