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I managed to bubble the Final Table of the $19k Guarantee on FTP last night. It was a shovefest on the Final Table Bubble. We were 5 handed and I ran A9 on the button into a shorter stacks A10 and didn't improve. A couple of hands later I pushed UTG with K7s since I only had 28k and the blinds were 4k/8k +1k antes about to go up to 5k/10k. The SB called with 1010 and the BB (who had the SB covered) shoved with AQ. The SB called the remainder of his chips (approximately another 100k) on the Final Table bubble with 1010. I think I am probably laying that down there, since the BB's bet represents a huge hand IMO. I really don't think either of them understand play on the bubble/knocking out a short stack. The rive was an Ace. I was out in 10th and the SB was out in 9th.

Oh well, maybe I'll get a little closer next time.

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  1. so, technically that donkey didn't even make the final table.

    wtg Mitch! good to see u playing more tournaments.