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After not editing my links for several months (or longer), I have added several blogs to the links on the right. A lot them are blogs that I visit daily but have been too lazy to add.

I know that there are a few dead blogs in the links - I'll try to go back through them all soon and delete the ones that have lapsed.

The following have been added:


I know that there are a few others that I am forgetting to add right now. Post a comment if I forgot your blog and you want me to add it to the links.

Don't forget the Mookie tonight. It is the 5th tourney in the Battle of the Blogger Tourneys.

2 responses to "Blog Links Update - Long Overdue"

  1. Those are some serious donkazzes you've added to the list.


  2. Hah no argument with that comment, Fuel.

    Thanks, cmitch. Didn't even know I wasn't on your list. Mostly because I could never see your site from work before this week. Glad that's finally changed, and hope it stays that way for a while.

    Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo