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I was home sick from work yesterday and was debating whether or not to play the MATH (Monday's at the Hoy) blogger tourney. It was starting at 10 PM and was a deep stack tourney, so I wasn't exactly sure when it would end and I didn't want to stay up all night. I decided that I would register to play if it had less than 60 players. I am glad I did because MiamiDon (who has been tearing up the Battle of the Blogger Tourneys), OSU, and I chopped the tourney. Normally, I would say let's just play it out (especially, since I had a slight chip lead), but I was sick and tired (literally).

I had a lot of fun playing the tourney because the deep stacks allowed for more post flop play which makes things a lot more interesting.

A few key hands
I flopped a straight and turned the nut flush. I think that the turn card probably cost me some money.
This was the key hand that doubled me up fairly early and allowed me to open things up a little more in the later levels. I decided to see a flop for 120 with Q10 and got the perfect flop.
A little bit of an overbet on my part. I clicked on the bet amount and typed in what I thought was 150, but turned out to be 1,050. Ooops.
I was pretty sure that HomelessShelter would fold after the flop on blank flop since he didn't re-raise me preflop. I wasn't pretty sure that he was shoving preflop with a decent pair. He said that he had AK. I took a chance and it worked out.
MiamiDon's turn raise just seemed fishy to me. I called and we checked down the river.
I decided to get all the chips in preflop. Once we got short handed, I had been raising a lot, getting re-raised, and folding. I felt like my hand was good here and was actually surprised to be up against a pair. I was thinking it would be something like Ax.
I raised preflop and the re-raise all-in pretty much committed me with AQ. I lost the coin flip.
Four handed at the final table. The river bet seemed fishy. Ace high is good.
I just called on the river instead of shoving because I felt like there was a good possibility that he had the flush.
I knock out the short stack with 44 vs A4.

From there we agreed to chop and went into shovefest mode.

Great playing with everyone.

8 responses to "Mondays at the Hoy - Chop"

  1. Great Job man! I knew you two donkeys wouldnt let me down!!


  2. Congrats !


  3. nice call with the TT against Don. me mistakenly pegged u for weak/tight.



    this hand is almost the same as the hand u posted with 99 a few days ago where you went broke and how u said u would only raise or fold that kinda turn. not call.

    Why just call here and not there?


  5. Smokkee - I almost got offended being pegged for weak/tight. :)

    DMoney - You are right it is similar in that I raised preflop with a pocket pair and there was 1 over on the flop. The biggest difference this time was that he had position on me. I didn't think he would fire the river without a King. The call on the turn still left me with a decent stack if I had to fold the river.

    I see your case for just calling on the satellite hand that I posted a few days ago. I think that calling there might have been a good option but would have left me pretty short. In hindsight, I think that I got caught up in the "I'm a short stack and need to double up" mentality. Next time, I would definitely put more thought into a similar situation.



  6. Good job and well played final table. I look forward to meeting you again at another.



  7. haha i mistyped there.

    i meant "he" not "me".

    nice play Mitch


  8. Nice run!

    I loved the competition of playing with you at the final table. I hope we meet deep again.

    Miami Don