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So far, no good. I have played three sub-sats to the Super Sats without any luck.

1. FTP $109 satellite to the $1k Thursday night Super Sat. Paid 1-3 Super Sat entry and 4-6 paid cash. I busted out 12th when I called the SB's push for the 5th time in a row with KJs. He had A3 and the A3 held. I only made that call because I figured he was pushing any two. We had about even stacks - both 8-9x BB (blinds about to go up - table was short handed.) Anyone thinking that I should fold here and wait for a better spot? (I usually like to push my chips in when no one has entered the pot when short with a hand like KJ instead of calling them all off.) This hand was situation/opponent dependant IMO.

2. PS $16 Double Shootout to the Sunday $650 Super Sat. Paid 1 seat and 2-9th paid cash. There were a couple of really horrible players in this tourney. I busted out of the first table against a major calling station. I was dealt QQ in the BB (25/50 blinds). Calling station limps, 2 more limp. I make it $250. Calling station does his thing. Everyone else folds. J82 flop (2 hearts). I bet $500. Calling station calls (a little less than half his stack). I am thinking that he pushes with a Jack here based on how he has been playing. His most likely hands are A8, K8, 89, 8x, or probably a flush draw - although, in retrospect, he was the type of player that probably raises a flush draw. Turn is a 6. I push. He calls with 86. River is no help and I'm out.

3. PS $80 satellite to the Sunday $650 Super Sat. Paid 7 seats, 8th paid cash. I went out when I was getting short and got all in preflop with AQs vs. AK. No help and I was out.

I don't think I will have a chance to play any of the turbo sats or sngs to the $1k FTP WSOP Super Sat tonight. I will probably set aside certain nights to play satellites, so that it doesn't get in the way of my regular poker games.

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