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I just got an awesome new computer (Dell Inspiron Laptop with 17" UXGA 1920x1200 res) with Windows XP (purposely didn't get Vista). It came pre-installed with Norton Internet Security and I think that is what is causing me a lot of headaches.

I am having a couple of specific problems that I need help with - hopefully someone out there has a few suggestions.

1. Some web pages (specifically my blog) are loading extremely slow and the scroll feature is incredibly slow. I am guessing I need to change a Norton Setting or Internet Security Setting. I messed around with it a little, but don't know what to change. **EDIT** - I just disabled Norton and tried loading the web page - problem still happening. Must be Internet Settings??

2. I run Outlook for my work email and Outlook Express for my home/personal email. When I open the compose new mail in Outlook and start typing the text slows down dramatically and sometimes I get a couple of words ahead and then it catches up. I don't have this problem at all in Outlook Express. I guess it has something to do with Word being the Outlook Email Editor.

3. Any other suggestions on things that I should change in Norton to make my life easier.

$30K Goal Update

I had a big up and down run the last few days and will put a detailed post once I get all my computer problems worked out. (I just finished moving my pokertracker stuff over.)

I am currently at +$86

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