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Leaks are crappy (literally). I was dealing with a major leak this weekend and it didn't have anything to do with poker. We have an old house that was built in the '40s. The previous owners did some additions/upgrades to plumbing, but I have noticed over the past few years that they cut a lot of corners.

A few weeks ago, we noticed a smell coming from under the house. (We have a crawl space.) I called the plumbers to come check out the problem. It turned out that the sewer line was backed up. To make things worse, when the previous owners installed new piping to the bathrooms they didn't put a cap on the cleanout of the old cast iron main sewer pipe under the house. A normal backup in a sewer line would cause the plumbing in your house to backup. Because there wasn't a cap on the cleanout, the sewage was coming out of the cleanout under the house. (fun, fun)

The plumbers cleared the line and said that we would need to wait a couple of weeks (for the sewage to dry out) to put a cap on the cleanout under the house. The following weekend, I climbed under the house to pour a couple of 2 gallon jugs of bleach to help get rid of the smell. I planned on doing this again and installing a cap once it was dried out enough to reach the cleanout without lying in sewage water.

On Friday, we noticed the smell again. I was thinking that the sewage water was probably dried out and it was the smell from the dry ground. I went to Home Depot, and bought the following so that I could cap of the cleanout and put this plumbing nightmare behind us:

4" cleanout cap
4" compression cleanout cap
2 large containers of bleach
rubber gloves
painters tarp to roll out under the house and crawl on

On Saturday, I rolled out the tarp and began crawling under the house with my bleach. I managed to make it to the cleanout and began pouring the bleach. When I started pouring the second bottle it starting coming out of the cleanout. I went inside and turned on faucet to the tub. I climbed back under the house and sure enough water was pouring out the cleanout. F-me.

I called our plumber's emergency service number on Saturday evening. They returned my call on Sunday morning while I was sitting at Home Depot about to rent a snake. I opted for having them come out to the house for $200 vs. renting the snake for $55 and trying to muddle my way through things.

A couple of hours later the line was clear again. I crawled back under the house and went to put the cap on. It didn't quite fit with the compression ring out as far as it goes. I left it sitting on the cleanout anyway.

I won't go into the gruesome details of trying to get the cap on the cleanout. Let's just say that it wasn't fun.

I am probably going to have to have the old cast iron main sewer line under my house replaced - I'll find out in the next few days.

Talk about a BAD BEAT!!!


I didn't feel like playing cash games last night, so I played a few MTTs for a change of pace. I felt like I was on my MTT game more than I have been in a while, but came up just short in a couple of spots. I played the following:

1. $26 8 PM on FTP - Finished 17th out of 995. I was in great shape as an above average stack in top 6-8 when I ran AQ into 55 on an Q5x flop against the chip leader. The Queen on the turn made it all the more frustrating. It felt good to go deep in a large field since I haven't been playing many tourneys.

2. $75 Bracelet Race - 91 players; Paid 3 $2k packages and cash to 4-6. I finished 7th. I wasn't able to get anything going late and wound up pushing when very short from the cutoff with 22. BB had 99. GG me.

3. $14 Turbo Token ($75) Satellite - 99 players; 18 tokens. I played this in the background and was focusing more on the above mtts. I managed to win a token. These seem like a good value because the play was pretty horrible.

I am going to play a few more mtts this week and see how things go. I feel like I am back in my mtt zone. I want to try to capitalize on that. Hopefully, it will work out to a nice cash/win or a WSOP seat.


I am going to try to qualify for the FTP $1k Super sat on Thursday night. This seems like the best option for winning a seat.

Pokerstars is running a new $1k Super Sat on Friday night at 8:30 PM. They have $215 feeders on Wednesday and Thursday nights to it - I will probably try to satellite into the $215 and then the $1k.

I hope to get two shots at winning my seat this week (If things go well)

$30K Update

I didn't get a chance to play many hands this week or this weekend. I didn't play poker at all on Saturday and only played a few mtts on Sunday. I finished fairly even in the few hands that I did play.

I'm not sure how many hands I will get in this week, but I am not abdonding the challenge. I think that I will be able to pick things back up without much of a problem next weekend.

Current status
Cash Game Profits = +$640
Bonus/Rakeback = $320 (I had this listed incorrect on the last update)
Total Profits = +$960



GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. it's good to see Stars put up a $1k Qualifer too. i'm gonna try to satellite into both FTP's and Stars.

    we got ourselves a rematch.