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There are a lot of differences between 1/2nl and even 2/4nl - a lot more short stacks, players that won't fold, players that push or call all-in on draws when they have horrible odds, and on and on. I think that I am starting to get the feel for the players at the this level, but the variance is a lot greater than I thought it would be. I have been getting all-in a lot more in, but also getting sucked out on a lot more. It is all relative - I am sure it just seems like I am getting sucked out on a lot more because I am getting all-in a lot more. In general, tight aggressive play is more profitable than loose aggressive play at 1/2 IMO.

I put in a ton of hands this weekend and I am not happy with my results, but I think things will improve with a few tweaks.

I played around with a few things this weekend and even tried 6 tabling for a change. (Mental note to self - 6 tabling is not a good idea)

Graph to date (shows as $200 too high because I closed a table after I got stacked and the hand history wasn't saved)

I am buried at work, so I probably won't get that much playing time in this week. (Also, the reason for no detailed hand histories today.)

Current status
Cash Game Profits = +$626
Bonus/Rakeback = $120 (Thanks to the FTP random bonus - check your account)
Total Profits = +$846

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  1. you're right Mitch. you must play TA at 1/2 NL online or live. players will chase their draws all the way. but, the good thing is you'll get paid if you catch some cards.