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I am not sure if other people were having problems veiwing our blog or not. I have had some major issues veiwing the blog since I got my new laptop.

Please post a comment is my blog loaded very slowly for you before this change.

I have temporarily changed the template to a generic template until I can get everything figured out. (I'll try to add the bloglines links tonight)

5 responses to "Template Messed Up?"

  1. Testing - seeing if comments work after redoing template.


  2. blog looks and loads fine.


  3. I'm doing an article on CardRunners and wanted to see if you guys had any poignant questions you'd like me to ask. You can email me at Thanks, and take care.


    Craig Cunningham

  4. I didn't have any problems loading your blog either before or now. I use Firefox for web browsing if that helps at all for your troubleshooting.

    Matt Silverthorn

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