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Following up to my last post....

Apparently, PimpOwnage and Traneho were having fun trying to stir up the rail and possible create better aciton for themselves down the road.

Traneho posted his repsonse in a thread on P5s (see below)

Click here for the P5s thread.

"Re(4): 300-600NL
by traheho on 3/12/2007 02:50

okay for everyone thats posting... this was just for fun. PO and I thought it would be funny to play crazy on ftp one day when were were bored and cause up a stir with the rails. just thought i'd clear up some confusion. gl all

atimos - ty for compliment (if you were being serious) and anytime you want "lessons" we can play 1/2. im sorry for blocking you. i get a lot of random IM's from rails who want to play HU. i thougth you meant like .5/1 and 1/2 not 50/100 and 100/200. if you want to play.... you know where to find me.
until then ... gl "

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