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It is that time of year again. We all start scrambling, trying to figure out the best way to win our seats to the WSOP Main Event. There are fewer options than last year, but still plenty of options for most.

1. Full Tilt has $1k, $300, and $200 Super Sats - with several smaller sats into the super sats.

2. Pokerstars has $650, $320, and $33rebuy Super Sats and $160 Double Shootouts - with several smaller sats into the super sats.

3. Ultimate Bet has several different sats but are paying you in cash. (I am too lazy to look up the different sats on UB right now). I probably won't play the super sats on UB because the traffic is a lot lighter than the other sites.

I was lucky enough to win two seats to the WSOP last year (both on Full Tilt - with the second one paying cash.)

I need to formulate a plan to get back to LV again. I am going either way, but life would be a lot easier if I win my seat early.

For now, I am going to play some of the $109 satellites to the $1k Thursday Night Super Sat on FTP. I prefer the larger buy-ins that give out more seats/entry. I might try the $650 Super Sat on PS, but I don't get much of chance to play while the kids are awake (Sunday day).

I am going to keep a separate spreadsheet showing how much I spend on trying to win my seat and will post updates.

3 responses to "WSOP Main Event - How to get there?"

  1. gl on the seat hunt...fortunetly/unfortuntely i can't play in them b/c of school cause if i won one wouldnt be able to play...


  2. I am $512 in the ditch with no success yet which is $192 more than I spent last year. FAWK !!!


  3. the FTP 1k had good odds. but, it's a tough field. the PS $650 should have more satellite donks.