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I am going to put my hhs for the tourney up on the mtt hh viewer for anyone interested. (It won't be until tonight because the hh is stored on my wife's computer.)

I was reading through a few blogs while playing last night and came across Smokkee's post pimping CC's Thursday Bash. I opened the private tourney tab on pokerstars a little after 9:30 and saw that the tourney was still open for late registration, so I signed up. I am glad I did because I, somehow, managed to win the thing after a long heads up battle with VinNay.

I had a good seat at my first table - mainly because Jordan was on my immediate right and loosening up the table. He was spewing comments of "weak-tight" left and right. The comments seemed to be working because there were a lot of big raises and big re-raises.

I managed to double up and put Jordan out (I think he went out on that hand) with my AA vs. 22. He check-raised me all-in on a 889 flop with 2 hearts after he had flat called my re-raise preflop. In my mind, the c/r screamed of a flush draw or a pair (1010-QQ) based on his preflop call. I know that he was trying to represent the 8, but I didn't think he would c/r all-in with the 8. I understand his thinking behind the raise. If I have a big Ace, I have to fold. If I call with a big Ace, he is a favorite. Unfortunately for him, there is no way I am letting go of AA there based on how the hand played out. A flat call of my flop bet and an all-in bet on the turn (he was 1st to act) would have made a call with AA a lot tougher for me.

I was a card rack for a good part of the first hour. I managed to get lucky and knock out GCox for a huge pot when we were down to the final table. I was dealt KsQh in late position and made a standard 3xBB raise. GCox smooth called from either the cutoff or button. The flop came AKJ all hearts (i think - have to go back and check HH.) It was decent flop for me, so I made a continuation bet to see where I was. GCox flat called. I really thought I was in trouble with the flat call. The turn couldn't have been more perfect - 10s. I made a straight and had the nut flush draw. I couldn't put him on a flush because I had the Qh and he probably would have raised me on the flop with a mid flush to protect his hand. I made another bet and he went all in. I called. He had 1010 (with the 10 of hearts I think). He didn't fill up on the turn and I won a huge pot. Tough hand for GCox - I got really lucky.

I was pretty card dead for most of the final table. When we got heads up, VinNay had a pretty good chip lead on me. I wasn't getting any hands and finally put all my chips in with 22 against his JJ preflop. The poker gods were on my side when a 2 came on the flop. It took us over an hour for me to finally take it down with my 77 vs his 33.

It was a really fun tourney and I was able to win because I am a luckbox card rack. Thanks CC and thanks poker gods.

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  1. Thanks for dropping in, and congrats on taking it down. Have a great holiday!


  2. hey Jamie Gold. nice win.


  3. smokkee,

    Gold is too good - I don't think I ANYONE will even be able to reach his level.