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Contact Info: has put up a free promotional 2/4 NL video by Muddywater with him 4 tabling. It is pretty interesting, especially for those that aren't already cardrunners members. If you watch the video, pay close attention to the guy to his left on Table 2 - it's me. The video gives you a feel for the rest of the videos on the site.

I would strongly reccomend joining cardrunners to anyone that is serious about poker, especially if you play NL cash games. The vast amount of information that I have learned since joining the site is incredible. You can't go wrong.

Link to Video - Click the Red Link in the Grey Box

Link to PocketFives Article about the Video


I played a $80 sat to the $650 Super Sat last night and busted out somewhere in the middle of the pack.

The last chance is the $650 Super Sat on Sunday. I am going to play that tourney and probably take 2 shots at the Double Shootouts between now and then. These are my last attempts at the PCA package. If I don't win the package, I guess I will have to re-evaluate whether or not I will go to the Bahamas anyway.

The Car Problems

It looks like they are probably going to just repair the car. I get the estimate today. Hopefully, it will be back to 100% before Christmas.

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