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....and sometimes poker (but this isn't one of those times)

I just finished 7th in the FTP $150 $35k Guarantee. The payout was OK (don't get me wrong) but the payouts for the top 3 make 7th look like chump change.

I can't complain though, because I got a timely lucky suckout to stay in when we were down to 3 tables with my QQ vs. KK. I wound up busting out with 88 vs. AQ all in preflop. An A and Q on the flop all but sealed my fate.

4 responses to "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades"

  1. making a final table is always a good way to finish off a tournament. i know what you mean tho. the closer you get to the top spot, the more dispointed you are when you don't get there.

    but, $2200 is not a bad consolation prize.


  2. ..... and polish tag.

    Nice finish!!!!


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