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Goal for November

Cash Game Hands = 20k
PTBB/100 = 5.00

Actual for November

Cash Game Hands = a litte more than 15k
PTBB/100 = 4.61 (7.74 for 2/4)

I had a roller coaster of a month. I got off to a good start followed by a horrible weekend of 5/10 that wiped out all of the profits from the beginning of the month. It was up and down from there with a nice steady upswing to finish off the month. I did horrible at 5/10 losing 3 buy-ins in a bout 2k hands. I looked back over my 5/10 hands and the biggest hits were due to the overly aggressive games that I was playing and getting my money in as a favorite/ slight favorite and getting drawn out on.

The first graph is my Amount/Hands Played for the month at all levels. The 2nd graph is all levels other than 5/10. (You can see how much more profitable I would have been if I had stayed away from 5/10 during the month.)


1. Play 20k hands and average 5.00 PT/100.
2. Stay away from 5/10.
3. Win a seat to PCA (have to find the time to actually play a satellite)
4. Selectively play 15-20 MTTs throughout the month. (Maybe a few at my old poker home - UltimateBet)
5. Get the whole car mess behind us. (oops - that doesn't have anything to do with poker.

1 response to "November Results/ December Goals"

  1. that first graph reminds me why i stay at 2/4 and 3/6. a couple of bad sessions and you're against the ropes having to fight your way back to profitability.

    GL on winning the trip.