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I was browsing through 2+2 today and came across this gem. It is a conversation where Phil Ivey ask sbrugby (aba) if Erik1223 can borrow some money. (I edited out a lot of the Observer chat and added my comments in red)

Phil Ivey: have sb send you some money erik i will vouch (translation - you have been cleaning up and erik is tilting a little right now)
Erik1223: sb can you? (please I neeeeeeed to get back to even)
Phil Ivey: sb can you get my number from someone and call me
sbrugby: In tahoe my phone doesn't work (come on, I don't really want to lend money out to anyone)
Phil Ivey: lol (um, just say you don't want to lend him the money)
Phil Ivey: ok
Erik1223: `ul
sbrugby: how much do you need erik? (ok, ok, I'll send him some $$)
Erik1223: i would like 200k so i dont have to fool around everytime i lose one hand (who said there is much variance in poker)
Phil Ivey: if he dies i will pay you sb (LOL!!!)
sbrugby: and when would I get it back?
Erik1223: within 7 days if I lose all today i I win
Erik1223: ill just send you a wire
sbrugby: and you are vouching for him phil?
Phil Ivey: yup
sbrugby: k sending (Hold on a sec, I have to dig through the couch cushions for the 200k)
Erik1223: its the most solid money youll ever have lol
Phil Ivey: your a little safer loaning it to him instead of matusow
Mike Matusow (Observer): namines more solid (Just have to wait until I make another WSOP Main Event FT - should be this year)
Mike Matusow (Observer): lol
Mike Matusow: i heard that
Phil Ivey: lol
Mike Matusow: mines the safest
Mike Matusow: hey sby im sending u 20 now (as soon as I can remember my bank of sb pin #)
sbrugby: k
Erik1223: its proccesing
Erik1223: ty sir
sbrugby: np

I don't think there is anyone that can touch sbrugby online right now. He is on fire.

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