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I haven't played a ton of poker lately because things have been a little hectic. My daughter has been sick most of the week (cold). My son (1 yr old) has pnuemonia. He has it in the lower half of one lung. The doctor put him on the Z-pack antibiotic 5 day blast. Hopefully that knocks it out of him quickly gets him back up to speed.

Car Update

The estimate on the car repairs is $10,500. It doesn't look like we will be able to get a new car. The lady that hit my wife's car had state minimum coverage ($10k) and doesn't seem to have any assests. Between ordering the parts and repairing the car, it is going to be a month before we get the car back. Fun, fun.


I played 2 satellites to the $650 this week and didn't win my entry in either one. I think I am just going to just buy into the $650 Super Sat on Sunday. I'll cross my fingers.

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  1. GL in the super sat. sux about the car. what a downer.