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I decided to play a couple of tourneys last night (little burnt out on cash games), so I played the $22 rebuy on stars (busted out in the high 100s) and the $25 $16k Guarantee on stars (with 1,163 others). I wound up winning the $25 tourney.

When we were 3 handed, I said I was willing to deal. One guy didn't want to - no worries. We got heads up a little later. After playing heads up for 20 minutes and almost exactly even in chips, I offered a split. He said no - no worries.

I finally won it out right after long heads up battle. (will post more tomorrow or the next day).

Dear sportingimag,

You finished the tournament in 1st place.A $6,082.50 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

You earned 819.24 tournament leader points in this tournament.

I haven't been doing well in tourneys lately. I seem to run either hot or cold. (The PCA win and this win within a few days of each other.)

I guess when I run good, I run good. (Was down to 500 chips at one point)


Also, a big congrats to Lucko for taking down $25k in the $109 rebuy on pokerstars last night - amazing score.

9 responses to "Nice Win - 1st out of 1163 ($6k)"

  1. Nice score ! Congrats.


  2. Isn't this game easy.... Nice Going!!


  3. lucko and you should play heads up for the whole shubang!

    Nice gaming sir.

    I need to work on my wins so they are this size...


  4. Definitely a nice night for the bloggers! Congrats as well!


  5. i'm feelin' left out. it's been about a month since my last good tourney cash.

    i'm rolling up my sleeves.


  6. btw, now you got some fun money for the bahamas.


  7. You're on fire, man! Keep it up!

    Matt Silverthorn

  8. Running hot or cold is good, just so you run hot every ten times! Nice score.


  9. Solid results again... you are making this look easy.

    Always good to see the bloggers getting more than our fair share of cash from the donks!