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I won my entry into the $650 Super Sat. yesterday in the $25+$2 plus rebuys. The final table took forever. There were 46 entries paying 5 seats and the tourney took over 3 1/2 hours. The blinds were 1,500/3.000 when it finally ended. One step closer to the goal.

I played one multi-table tourney on Tuesday ($33 PL) and came in 14th out of 299. The $5/$10 Limit tables haven't been kind - I think I lost 6 huge pots on the river to people chasing flushes or hitting sets. I, also, finally cleared the $150 deposit bonus. Below is a recap of where I stand to date:

Overall Results:
Limit Holdem ($3/$6 & $5/$10) +$38.50
SNGs (1-3rd; 1-4th; 1-5th) -$80
MTT +$53
Bonus +$150
Satellites to WPT +$177 (including $650 Sat. Entry)
Total of above: +$338 (including $650 Sat. Entry)

Starting Pokerstars Bankroll $667
Current Pokerstars Bankroll $1045 (including $650 Sat. Entry)
Without Entry (Cash Available) $395
Net Profit/Loss +378


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  1. Man good luck on the PokerStars Super Saturday tourney. Now you gotta tell the wifey this one is for real and if she takes over the kid duties, if you get in the money, a new pair of shoes are coming her way. Can't let a baby poop or spit-up keep you from cashing in this one.

    Good luck man. Nice blog and thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm linking you up today. Us poker Dads gotta stick together!