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Other than the well known female poker players seen on seemingly every WSOP broadcast on ESPN such as Jennifer Harman, Cindy Violette and everyone's favorite (yikes!) Annie Duke; here are a few less known "poker babes" worth mentioning.

Jennifer Leigh (aka Jennicide)

Jen is an up and coming player that has won a ton-o-money on PokerStars and other sites. She's a rare breed of cute blonde / gamer-girl / poker prodigy. I played in a $50 NL MTT on Stars with her at my left a few weeks ago and she was a very tough player... pushing all in over the top quite a few times to build a large stack going into the first break. Fearless!

Isabelle Mercier (aka No Mercy)

She is "that girl in the background" from the first 2 AVIATION CLUB DE FRANCE episodes on the WPT. She used to be the poker room manager there and has since decided to focus on tournament poker. Isabelle is also a relatively new member of the PokerStars team.

These ladies can play!

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