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I played the Bluff Poker Tour Pokershare event and the overlay was incredible. There were 127 players at $33/each for a prize pool of $3,810. Oh, but wait, there was also a $15k WPT seat to the Bellagio event in December plus airfare plus hotel for the winner. BAM!! HOLY HUGE OVERLAY BATMAN!!! I was a little too high on my guess of the number of entrants in the previous post.

POW!! - I was plugging along fairly well until I had to lay QQ down to AK when I just knew the guy had AK. Blinds 100/200 and he raises to 750 from early position. I decide to flat call with QQ - based on his bet and the way that he was playing I was 90% sure he had AK. If the flop doesn't have an Ace or King - I'm jamming it. The ugly flop come K92 rainbow. He bets 750 again. I am now sure he has AK and lay down my QQ.

My Logic
1. PREFLOP - If he has AK and I go all-in preflop, he is calling with AK and I'm racing for my tourney. I am pretty sure he has AK but if he has AA or KK, I am all but dead. He, also, could have JJ or 1010 - In which case I'm golden. I flat called and was putting all my chips in on the flop if it didn't contain an Ace or King. He would be first to act and would bet huge on the flop with AK (based on his previous play) or check-fold.

2. FLOP that contained a King - I figured if he didn't have a King, he was betting the pot or close to it. If he had a King, he was betting somewhere around what he bet preflop - he wanted a call. So, the flop bet confirmed my preflop thinking. If I call that bet on the flop, he is going to milk me on the turn and river or he is all-in on the turn. In my mind, it was all in or nothing. I thought he had AK, so I folded.

POOF!! - I trodded along for a while and was getting short stacked. I had 2,625 chips with 30 players remaining with the blinds at 150/300 with 25 ante. I get dealt AJo on the button and a player in late position minimum raises to 600 with 1 caller. There is now 1,850 in the pot. I raise all-in hoping to just win the pot, but don't mind racing against a small pair. I didn't think the original raiser was going to call unless he had a big pair (not likely) and the caller behind him would be left with 2k in chips if he called my additional 2,000. SB folds, BB folds, original raiser folds, last guy calls with A10o. I don't understand the call, but am very happy when the cards are turned over.....until the flop......contains one of his 3 outs.

GG me. Over and out. Didn't want to squeak into the money - wanted that seat. Maybe a WPT Bahamas seat is in my future instead.

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  1. Thanks for pimping that huge overlay event even though I didn't win anything. Shoot me an email when you can do battle in round 2.