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WPT Bahamas Super Sat.
Well, I didn't win my seat in my one attempt this week - the $650 Super Sat. I started out well but fell apart in the 3rd hour when I lost more than half of chips when I flopped a set of Queens and got all the chips in on the flop against Kd,6d with two diamonds on board. The other guy hit his flush on the river.

Not long after that, I was against a super aggressive short stack. He always bet big when he missed/wanted others to fold and bet anywhere from minimum to 3x BB when he made his hand. He, also, raised about 50% of the hands if he was first into the pot. I was dealt Ks10s in the BB and decided to call his 3x BB raise. The flop came K93 rainbow. I checked and he big bet - bingo he missed. I put him all in and he called with QQ and hit a Q on the turn.

I was short stacked and got moved to another table - only problem was the chip leader was to my right. I had around 1,800 chips and he had 20,000 chips. I had seen him go all in when opening the pot in late position a couple of times. I get dealt A10 in the BB and it folds around the big stack in the SB. He immediately goes all in. I had to make a stand. A10 vs. his 77. No Ace or Ten - GG me. I'm out. (83 out of 215)

No Limit Cash Games
No Limit cash games on the weekends rock - there are so many players trying to make up for their losses, drunk, have watched one too many poker shows on TV, or a combination that the tables are easy pickings. I saw several people bluff all their chips into a pot with nothing only to be called by the nuts.

Week 1 RECAP - PS Bahamas WPT Quest
Starting Pokerstars Bankroll: $667
Limit Cash Games +48.50
NL Cash Games +427.80
SNGs +$177
MTTs -$2
Satellites and Super Satellites -$443.50
Bonus +$150
Overall Win/Loss +$357
Pokerstars Bankroll $1,025

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