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I got very little sleep Sunday night thanks to Charlie - I think he is a night owl. I didn't have the energy or time to play a satellite to the $650 WPT Super Sat on Saturday. I decided to play a some $3/$6 Full Table Limit and $5/$10 Full Table Limit to work my way towards clearing the $150 bonus. I could always "sit-out" without any consequences whenever Charlie woke up or needed attention. I played a Turbo $55+$5 SNG and came in 4th thanks to some bad luck, but mainly due to the fact that it became a crap shoot once we were 4 handed. I did well at the limit tables.

$3/$6 Limit +$144
$5/$10 Limit +$280
$55+$5 Turbo SNG -$60
Total for day +$364

Starting Pokerstars Bankroll $667
Current Pokerstars Bankroll $1,031
Net Profit/Loss +364


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