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$22 NL Rebuy Tourney
I had incredibly horrible luck in the $22 NL rebuy tourney last night. I lost almost every race during the rebuy period. I lost with the following hands (usually all the money was in preflop):

AJ vs. 68 – All in on a Jack high flop; 68 made a straight on the turn
AK vs. AJ, AJ – all in preflop; Jack hits the board
78 vs.Kd7d, 47 – in the SB; flop 9d 5d 6h (flopped the straight); all the money went into a 3 way pot preflop; K7 rivered the flush
AK vs. 77 – all in preflop; no A or K
AQ vs. AK – no help
K9 vs. A8 – Flopped two pair; all the money in on the flop; A8 turns the flush
33 vs. A10 – All in preflop against guy that went all in every hand; Ace and Ten both hit
KK vs. AQ – All in preflop; Ace hits

I more than tripled up just before the break with 56s on a 456 flop. I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t win a hand during the rebuy period. I went on to finish 32 out of 448 (with 45 places getting paid) for a payout of $193 and a net loss of $169. (8 complete rebuys added up!!)

NL Cash Games
I won a $600 pot (net $400) in a short handed $1/$2 NL game when I made a boat with my QQ vs. KK and AA.

Day 8 RECAP - PS Bahamas WPT Quest
Starting Pokerstars Bankroll (10/10/05) $667.00
Limit cash games +$49
NL cash games +$886
SNGs +$177.00
Sats -$443.50
MTT -$171.36
Bonus +$150.00
Overall Profit/Loss +$647
Current Pokerstars Bankroll (10/17/05) $1,314

cmitch (sportingimag on stars)

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