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I came in 15th out of 188 last night in the UB/Pokershare $109 $18k guarantee tourney. Nothing to interesting happened other than the hand below.

Hand #9288233-247 at Fri9pmA-001 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
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Started at 28/Oct/05 23:57:15

sanjaysr2k is at seat 0 with 18330.
BigBalla1 is at seat 1 with 18970.
shattus is at seat 2 with 21630.
Big Jew is at seat 3 with 13795.
browerkid is at seat 4 with 10905.
rockit_man is at seat 5 with 10360.
BigChuck is at seat 6 with 4920.
cmitch1 is at seat 7 with 5745.
Prof Polo is at seat 8 with 3280.
robin65 is at seat 9 with 8160.
The button is at seat 5.

sanjaysr2k posts ante (50).
BigBalla1 posts ante (50).
shattus posts ante (50).
Big Jew posts ante (50).
browerkid posts ante (50).
rockit_man posts ante (50).
BigChuck posts ante (50).
cmitch1 posts ante (50).
Prof Polo posts ante (50).
robin65 posts ante (50).
cmitch1 posts the small blind of 200.
Prof Polo posts the big blind of 400.

sanjaysr2k: -- --
BigBalla1: -- --
shattus: -- --
Big Jew: -- --
browerkid: -- --
rockit_man: -- --
BigChuck: -- --
cmitch1: As Ac
Prof Polo: -- --
robin65: -- --


robin65 raises to 1900. sanjaysr2k folds. BigBalla1
folds. shattus folds. Big Jew folds. browerkid
re-raises to 4000. rockit_man goes all-in for 10310.
BigChuck folds. cmitch1 goes all-in for 5695. Prof
Polo folds. robin65 folds. browerkid calls.

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

browerkid shows Ah Ad.
rockit_man shows Kh Ks.
cmitch1 shows As Ac.

Flop (board: Js 4d 5s):

(no action in this round)

Turn (board: Js 4d 5s 6d):

(no action in this round)

River (board: Js 4d 5s 6d Tc):

(no action in this round)


browerkid has Ah Ad Js 6d Tc: a pair of aces.
rockit_man has Kh Ks Js 6d Tc: a pair of kings.
cmitch1 has As Ac Js 6d Tc: a pair of aces.

Hand #9288233-247 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
cmitch1 wins the main pot 9945 of a 19885 pot with a pair of aces.
browerkid wins the main pot 9940 of a 19885 pot with a pair of aces.
browerkid wins the side pot 9230 with a pair of aces.

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