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I didn't fair too well last night. I Played the Bahamas Double Shootout and some NL cash games.

Bahamas Double Shootout
I decided to play the Bahamas Double Shootout last night with some of the profits from the NL cash games that I've made recently. I bought some W$ at a discount to save myself $20 on the entry fee. I drew a great table - I didn't recognize one player at the table. I am guessing that I had a few of the players that had qualified through the $5.50 turbo rebuy satellite because there were several all-ins during the first rotation. One hand in particular during the first rotation - I picked up 55 and limped. There were a few other limpers. The flop was 789 with two diamonds and the guy first to act went all-in for $1,400 into a $90 pot. Surprise, surprise - no one called him. WTF was he thinking? I think he still had that turbo rebuy mentality.

We were down to 4 players pretty quickly. Only one of my three remaining opponents had a clue. The guy with the biggest stack (happened to be to my left) had gotten all his chips when he was called two guys that were already all in preflop with his 1010 and his 10s beat AK and KK when a 10 hit the board. Another guy with some chips had called an all-in for 80% of his chips with A10 and beat QQ. I liked my chances. I lost a lot of chips when I got AKs on the button, didn't hit the flop, made a continuation bet only to have the big stack go all in.

We were still 4 handed after the first break. I had approximately 1,700 chips and made a play at a pot with Jd10d on a flop of 8s9d4d. The solid player comes over the top of me to put me all in. I had to call my last 700 into a 2,400 pot with the straight and flush draws. He had KK - I don't catch and I 'm out. I hit the straight or the flush and I have some chips to do some damage with. I had 15 outs that I thought might have been as high as 21 outs with two cards to come. Oh well - what can you do? Next time.....

NL Cash Games
I played some shorthanded NL cash games for a very painful 30 minutes last night. During that time I lost with two pair (top pair and third pair) vs. two pair (top pair and second pair) twice and KK once. The only positive was that I managed to keep the pot sizes relatively small and didn't give away more chips than I could have on those hands.

Day 9 RECAP - PS Bahamas WPT Quest
Starting Pokerstars Bankroll (10/10/05) $667
Overall Profit/Loss +$263
Current Pokerstars Bankroll (10/18/05) $930

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