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Actually, saying Scotty Nguyen is a bad drunk is probably an understatement. It is more realistic to say, "Scotty is a belligerent jackass when he is drunk." If you don't know what I'm talking about then you need to watch the ESPN WSOP HORSE coverage from last night. (It is prob already on pokertube or you can watch ESPN 2's re-broadcast some time this week.)

WTF? How did he not get a penalty. I thought the rule this year was that you wouldn't get a penalty for cussing unless you were using it in a derogatory manner towards another player. (DeMichele was getting abused by him and was able to roll with the punches.) DeMichele was out of line with some of his antics/celebration but that didn't give Scotty the go ahead to be a 10 times bigger douchebag.

I couldn't believe that he said something along the lines of, "Can I get a F*&king cocktail already?!?! What the F&$k to we have to do to get Fu*$king cocktails at this table??!?!? Let's get some F*$king cocktails here." Ummm, Scotty do you realize that you are on TV and there is an audience watching or has the beer clouded things that much. It's one thing to go after another player at the table, but a completely different thing to be a douche to a waiter/waitress that probably has to wait for a break in the TV action to bring your drink over. I can only imagine how much shit he gave the waiter/waitress that wasn't shown.

You know things are bad when Erick Lindgren starts getting pissed at your antics. WTF, was with Scotty yelling at Erick for not team playing with him to get DeMichele out? Erick response was an instant classic, "I'm not on Team Scotty. I've never been on Team Scotty. There's no way in hell I would ever be on Team Scotty in the future." I think this quote should replace the old tired, "I can dodge bullets." in the intro of all the future WSOP episodes.

I could go on and on about all the ridiculous drunken things that spewed out of his mouth during the broadcast, which was probably only a small portion of what was said during the entire final table, but it just disgusts me thinking about it. I have been a fan of his since I met him in Aruba in 2003. He always seemed easy going and likable - Baby this and Baby that. He probably couldn't remember anyone's name, but that was part of his charm. He must have been good at hiding the obnoxious drunken side or possibly the TV coverage purposely hid that side of him. Maybe, he just had an off night, but he is a public figure that seemed clueless to the implications of his actions. It is going to take a lot to repair his public image and it will probably never be back at the previous level.

Another classic Erick quote after he busted in 3rd, "I can't even beat a drunk!! I hope the kid wins!! Jeez, I can't even beat a drunk!!!"

EDIT: I had some of the quotes wrong - was going by memory. Below is a YouTube clip someone put together of all the drunkeness.

EDIT 2: MeanGene was covering the FT live and posted his thoughts on the craziness from the perspective of someone that was there.

10 responses to "Scotty Nguyen is a bad drunk!"

  1. "I can dodge bullets"

    Yes. I agree. He was totally out of line and needed a thousand penalties. Who was managing that table? That is the 2nd douchebag.

    Good Post!


  2. "Prince of drunken poker"


  3. DeMichele said it best when he said "I thought you were the ambassador of poker. I'm very disappointed."

    Alan aka RecessRampage

  4. It was really sad to see him do this in the tournament whose trophy is in honor of the late Chip Reece. The trophy with the name of the classy guy in poker won by a guy that has no class. It was sad.


  5. Why does the WSOP hand out playing rules if they are not going to enforce them. Harrah's needs to consider disqualifying Scotty as the winner due to the multiple penalties and Scotty needs to apologize to everyone for his actions. In fact, Scotty should be the one to forfeit the trophy. What an embarrassment to the show, all the players, and the viewers. Shame on you Scotty!


  6. I had a little different take on it.

    It looked to me like Lindgren got mad at Scotty, not because Scotty was rude, but because of Scotty's overt desire to collude with Lindgren against DeMichele.

    Scotty admitted to soft play against Lindgren, and on one occasion berated Lindgren for betting after Scotty had bet to protect Lindgren's hand. Two different forms of unethical play.

    Lindgren makes a great living playing poker, and needs to avoid any reputation for cheating at the poker table, and collusion is a form of cheating. I think this is why Lindgren made it clear that he wasn't on "Team Scotty" and played only for himself.

    Soft play and protection of hands other than one's own are often hard to prove. In this case, however, Scotty seemed proud of doing it--because he was drunk and mad at DeMichele.

    I think Lindgren's parting comment, and all of his other behavior (such as the warning to Flack) was meant to underscore that there was no intent on his part to collude with Scotty, that Scotty's behavior arose only because he was drunk.


  7. I was a HUGE Scotty Nguyen fan before all of this happened. Now that I see he has absolutely no respect for the game or other players I am done with him. He tried to make a half hearted apology and then blamed the other players for his drunken behavior. Scotty has a MAJOR drinking problem and needs to get help fast!


  8. anyone ever played poker at that level? it doesnt sound like it. lol fuckin americans and their english queen attitudes


  9. Although I don't agree with his behavior, I think this article is bias. Yes, he was drunk but it's funny because people won't make such a big scene out of it if he didn't win. He never act this belligerent which makes me think this could be a strategy to mess with his opponent's head...which works. Kudos for the unconventional play.


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