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I've put in about 6k hands this week and the swings have been brutal to say the least. I was up about 4.5 buy-ins after 3k hand, but am currently down 4.5 buy-ins thanks to some coolers, bad beats and a couple of bad calls by me. One was not folding TPTK for 200BB when I knew better. I was tilting for a couple of suckouts on other tables and should have just stopped playing.

Here are some of the hands (first the beats/coolers, followed by some winning hands)

Bad Beats/Coolers/etc. (scroll down if you don't want to click any of the bad beat hands)
- Poker is fun! Flop a set against a flush draw. - AKs is no match for AKo - I definitely should have folded this preflop, but the guy was a payoff wizard. Worst possible turn in the world.
- Planned to c/r the turn - prob should have led out on the turn, but result would have been the same.
- My moronic hand of the day. Was tilting and didn't fold freaking top pair for 200 BBs. So gross on my part.
- I 3 bet from the BB because the guy had a huge steal percentage. I have no idea why he called the flop - trying to float I guess? Any way not to lose the last $100 on the river against an aggressive opponent?
- Maybe I should just start folding AQ. - KK vs AA - standard
- This is pretty standard to get it in here, right?

The Good
- Rivered a straight flush against the nut flush - Flopped set wins vs. flush draw this time
- This hand gives you an idea of how loose the 3/4/5 betting can be in the 6 max games in button vs. the blind situations. - Slow playing AA paid off - even though this guy would probably get ai pf.
- I can win with set over set also - Another button vs. bb hand - ai pf.

I'll elaborate more on some of these hands next week and post some of the hands that I had trouble deciding what to do.

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