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I’ve been working way too much behind the computer and haven’t really been motivated to sit down at the desk and grind out cash games. What little time that I have had a chance to play has usually consisted of watching TV in the recliner while playing a few sng sats or playing 1 or 2 tables. (I only played 7k cash game hands in July – LOL.)

I need some motivation!! I need to focus and play my “A” game all the time.

Setting a goal is probably the best way to get some hands in while holding myself accountable on the blog, so here goes:

Goal: Play 25,000 hands of 1/2 nl 6 max by September 15th (1 month+) - not a huge goal, just one to keep me playing (Edited out target winrate based on gnome's comment about not having control over your winrate, only having control over how you play - good call.)

(We are at the beach this week, so I probably won’t play a ton between now and Friday.)

Some rules for myself:

No more than 2 tables in recliner – maybe this will force me to get up off the couch or realize that I’m too tired to be playing if I can’t walk across the living room to hook my laptop up to the 24” monitor.

No more than 4 tables if TV is on (In response to gnome's comment about leaving the TV off: My desk is in the living room, so it is on if I am playing and my wife is watching TV. If she isn't watching TV or is sleeping and I am playing then the TV is off.)

Don’t Tilt/Don’t let the beats effect me

Review previous session before starting new session

Watch at least 3 vids/week (maybe join DeucesCracked or Lego – anyone recommend one over the other)

Post tough decisions on CR forums, 2+2, or on the blog

Maintain a positive attitude/quit playing for the day if I feel like bad beats are effecting me

Quit if I’m tired

Try to always put myself in the most +EV situations

Don’t be results oriented – if the play was +EV and I lost, so be it

Another added bonus of putting in the hands is upping those FTP points. If I get a decent amount of hands in this month I might be close enough to purchase the 42” plasma with my FTPs around the 1st of September

3 responses to "25K Hands"

  1. Setting a goal that includes a specific winrate doesn't seem to be productive because your winrate is out of your control. You can only control your decisions, not your results.
    In addition, I think you might be better served if you refused to play any tables while the TV is on.


  2. Thanks for the comment gnome!! I edited the post


  3. Screw the forums! Post your tough decisions here on the blog!

    Good luck with your 25k endeavor.