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I have no history with the player. I have only been at the table for about 10 hands.

Full Tilt Poker, $1/$2 NL Hold'em Cash Game, 6 Players - Hand History Converter

Hero (SB): $226.10
BB: $530.20
UTG: $38
MP: $622.40
CO: $218.80
BTN: $210.10

Pre-Flop: A Q dealt to Hero (SB)

4 folds
Hero raises to $6
BB raises to $18
Hero calls $12 - 1. Anyone play this different? Flat Call? Re-raise? Fold?

Flop: ($36) Q T 4 (2 Players)

Hero checks
BB bets $20
Hero ???? -

2. What do you do here?

3. If you raise and he shoves what do you do? (edited)

4. If you flat call, do you lead a non-club, non-King turn? What if you do and he shoves?

5. If you flat call, do you check-raise a non-scare card turn?

I'm not sure which play has the best risk/reward associated with it against an unknown. Basically, are you ever getting away from this hand? If no, what is the best way to maximize your profits? If yes, when and why?

13 responses to "Blind vs. Blind - WWYD?"

  1. You can't re-raise on the flop unless someone's already raised.

    I check-raise. If he jams, fold.


  2. if you're willing to go broke with TPTK on the flop, 3-bet and call a push or shove a reraise. just pray he doesn't have a combo draw or set.

    personally, i call the flop bet to control the size of the pot and raise the turn if none of the draws come thru.


  3. Honestly? I fold. But at the .25/.50 level, which is where I'm at right now (soon to move to .50/$1), people rarely three bet. If they do, they have AA-JJ. Usually AA or KK. I don't know how often three betting happens in your game. That's probably what would lead me to raise or fold here. In any case, you could raise and if he jams, you could fold. You think he's three betting with QK or QJ? Maybe J-J? That's what you can beat.


  4. not sure how you insta-fold to his half pot sized flop bet. cmitch checked it looking weak. it's at least a call.


  5. Call, then push if the turn isn't too scary.


  6. you ever rr here pre? obv i chronically overplay AQ, and i am just starting to play six max, but bvb i'd rather not play the pot oop, and just try to take it down pre.


  7. Preflop - no way I am ever 4-betting AQo OOP

    Flop - I'd check call to contain the pot size (and minimize your loses if you are behind) and give him a chance to bluff if you are ahead.


  8. i check-raise small on the flop and call a shove


  9. "I check-raise. If he jams, fold."

    do this if you hate money and instead prefer lighting it on fire


  10. I am 100% willing to play for stacks here vs most opps. If I wasn't on this flop, I wouldn't have bothered calling the reraise in the first place.

    With the Qc in your hand, I don't mind calling and checking any turn to him. If I didn't have a club, I would be checkraising to about $70 and calling a shove or shoving any non-Ace turn.


  11. And you got to love the Anonymous commenter thinking he is smart catching the re-raise typo and then giving totally idiotic advice. So classic!


  12. 1) I too would flat call here. A 4bet re-raise would require me to have a very strong read on villain being an aggro idiot. And folding just seems too weak in a bvb situation, imo. (No offense to peaker, or LJ.)
    2) Bump it up to ~$70'ish.'
    3) Jam/shove/re-raise push... whatever it's called, get it all in.
    4) IF I check-called the flop bet, I probably would feel the need to lead out if the turn is a non-club non-king. And shove/jam any re-raise. The alternative just seems too weak/tight to me.
    5) Going for the check raise after the turn requires more courage than I have with just TPTK.

    ~"...are you ever getting away from this hand?"... Honestly in a BvB situation, I probably am not able to ever get away from this hand here, at least pre-turn.

    ~"...If no, what is the best way to maximize your profits?"... I think a willingness to jam on the flop is most +EV, given there's just two overpairs to that board, and I think villain would have KQ, KJ, AQ, XcXc, AcTx, etc more often than AA, KK, QQ, TT, 44, etc.

    ~"...If yes, when and why?"... The ONLY scenario I could consider is IF hero decided to smooth call the flop bet, the turn was a scare card, and villain bets.

    Enjoyed the post CMitch. A thought provoking scenario.


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