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No, not to play poker.

Sorry, for the very long delay between posts. Things have been hectic, to say the least.

I have worked for the same company since I graduated from college 14 years ago. I can't get into all the details here, but my last day is September 9th. Another guy and me are starting our own company. I am a little nervous and a lot excited.

More details to follow........

Oh, yeah. I hope to get back to regular poker posts soon. I may have some free time after Septh 9th.

4 responses to "I Quit my Job!!"

  1. Congrats man!!! From what you were telling me about at the WSOP this past summer, I think this is a great move.

    Good luck!


  2. EFF the man!



  3. Best to you and yours. Please keep us posted.


  4. Congrats and good luck CMitch!

    (I actually JUST provided my employer with my notice as well, to pursue a more rewarding career alternative, albeit I'm still workin' here through mid-October.)

    Hope you're able to keep your readers informed going forward.