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Sorry about the last rant post, but you know how you get that feeling where you just have to vent. It doesn't matter if anyone is listening (or reading), but you just have to get the frustration off your chest. Well, the last post was my cleansing. I'll try to be a little less whiny - no matter how bad I'm running.

Things started to look up on Saturday. I even made it back up above even after the first run of brutal beats. The poker gods seemed to be shining on me. Sunday rolled around. Between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, I must have done something to really piss off those poker gods. All hell broke loose. Not only was I not winning the races, but I wasn't winning the 85/15s. (I'm not going bitch, just stating facts now.)

So, after being back above even, Sunday brought me into the negative to the tune of -7 buy-ins over the first 9,500 hands of the 25k hands. The good news is that I was up in expected value on Sunday, so it wasn't bad play - just bad luck. Oh well, I plan to keep plugging through and hope the next 15.5k hands is a lot better than the first 9.5k hands.

Below is my all-in EV graph for Sunday

The dark line is the losses for the day. The top line is my All-in EV. Poker is fun!! :)

And below is the graph for the 1st 9.5k hands.

6 responses to "No More Crying"

  1. Man that sucks. I've been there. Hell, the past 7 months have been horrible for me in online play. I'm sure you've been here before too, just remember your a solid player, and play through it. It will turn around, and you'll be winning 85/15's, and 15/85's.


  2. I really think that bitching is OK every once in a while. If you can't bitch on your blog and get it off your chest, what's a blog for? There's no doubt others are going through the same thing (me sometimes) and like to hear about other struggles. It's comforting in a way.


  3. It looks like you're on a 30K hand downswing. Mebbe time to take a break, go back to basics? Good luck out there.


  4. Bullshit! No more crying?! Seriously? What's your other option, grin & bear it?

    There's a time & place for everything, and a ~$1,300 difference in real vs. EV is the time/place for a good cry. Rant on man. That's what the blogs are for.


  5. Say what you wanna say, it's your blog. You should post those bad beat hands... I know people don't like or care about other people's bad beats but that series... it was like watching a train wreck... you know you shouldn't look but you just couldn't help looking to see what else is next...

    Alan aka RecessRampage

  6. Yeah, I had a disaster session the other night where I lost 100BBs in 300 hands. Been there, done that.