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Sometimes, it is OK to......

...fold an overpair.

...fold top pair, top kicker.

...fold a set when you are sure you are beat.

...fold a draw when you aren't getting the correct odds against a nit's bet/shove.

...skip playing for the night because you are too tired or too sick or just sick and tired.

...only play very strong hands against calling stations.

...make big calls against over aggressive donkeys.

...overshove for value if there is a chance that your opponent might call.

...overshove bluff if you are pretty certain your opponent will fold.

...value bet 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th pair against calling stations. 14/10. (vp$p/pfr) 32/26. (vp$p/pfr)

...check behind on the river if you are fairly certain your opponent hit and is planning to c/r on the river. the river with air the next time you are in a hand against the same opponent.

...smooth call preflop with AA.

...shove preflop with AA.

...fold QQ preflop.

...shove with QQ preflop.

Just some quick random cash game thoughts. I haven't had time to post lately because I've been really busy

2 responses to "I'm OK, you're OK"

  1. Yah, shoving with AA pre-flop is good. Everyone puts your on AK or QQ or JJ. Even TT. You get a lot of calls, and I think it is +EV. I let people see a flop and someone makes a set and you stack them. Shoving is gooooooood!!

    PJS JR.

  2. what is tomorrow's post...

    It's NOT o.k. too....

    Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy