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October Results & Monitor Question

I really grinded the cash games this month. I don't think that I have ever played more than 25k hands in a month and I usually average between 15k-20k hands/month. I managed to get in just over 50k hands this month thanks to being a little slow at work (not working any late nights) and six tabling some towards the end of the month. There were some huge swings due to a some suckouts, coolers, and the occasional spew.

I only played four tourneys (Blogger big game, 1 FTOPS sat, and 2 PCA sub-sats) this month and don't really miss them. They are fun, but I have been in cash game mode and haven't had the desire to play a bunch of mtts.

I am going to try to grind the cash games again in November and maybe buy a bigger monitor. Playing six tables on a 17" laptop screen while sitting in the recliner, watching TV, and talking to my wife is probably not the best thing for my win rate. I am sure that I will get in a lot less hands, but hopefully they will be a lot more productive.

Any recommendations on a monitor? I am thinking about the Samsung 24" widescreen. The 30" widescreen is probably too big for my needs. Anyone have a Samsung 24" or 30" WS monitor? Thoughts?

Graph for the month
(1st 18k hands are 1/2, rest is 2/4)

Tough Turn Decision

I posted this on the cardrunners message boards and got some decent feedback. I would be interested in a few more opinions.

Villain (20 VP$IP/13 PFR%/2 TAF) had been calling a lot of my button raises from the SB. I had raised his BB from the button earlier on another table with KK and he flat called preflop with AA. The flop came King high and we got all the money in. He seems to be a little frustrated with my button raises but usually likes to c/r the flop with a big hand (sometimes with air) instead of 3 betting preflop.

FullTiltPoker Game #4010177777: Table Alta (6 max) - $2/$4 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:13:49 ET - 2007/10/30
Seat 2: Zsolti ($507.10)
Seat 3: easyway777 ($542.10)
Seat 4: emsheat6 ($0), is sitting out
Seat 5: cmitch ($1,028.90)
Seat 6: bangoo ($876.35)
bangoo posts the small blind of $2
Zsolti posts the big blind of $4
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to cmitch [Qd Qh]
easyway777 folds
cmitch raises to $14
bangoo calls $12
Zsolti folds
*** FLOP *** [Jc 3c 9s]
bangoo checks
cmitch bets $24
bangoo calls $24
*** TURN *** [Jc 3c 9s] [4h]
bangoo checks
cmitch bets $56
bangoo raises to $184
cmitch ????

11 responses to "October Results, Tough Turn Decision, & Monitor Question"

  1. the only hand you're ahead of is AJ/KJ/QJ. i guess he could play QcTc that way too. but, i don't like that spot at all. i probably let it go.


  2. kick ass chart btw. wudda diff once you moved back up to 2/4.


  3. Tough call. 4 most likely didn't help him; it would hard to put him on 44 since he does seem like a farily standard/tight player.

    Just looking at the board, it seems like a good board to make a move on and since you say that he does have fancy play syndrome some time making moves with air, you could be ahead.

    Having said all of that, I don't think it is worth tangling with another big stack because as we know the decision on this street isn't the end of the story.

    So, my humble thoughts:

    Folding > Pushing/Re-rasiing > Calling

    Fantastic month.. you continue to impress the masses. I am still a cmitch wannabe.

    How did it turn out?


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  5. I agree

    Folding > Pushing/Re-rasiing > Calling

    This raise puts you in quite a tough spot. You ever think of checking behind on this turn when this deep?

    He could easily have QTcc / KTcc and decided to play his big draw like a monster made hand however you have shown a decent amount of strength and his c/r on the turn seems very very strong. (Set of 3s)

    The real difficulty in this hand is the fact that shoving only gets called by hands that beat you. Almost never will someone call off another 600$ here with AJ or something like that.

    Fold seems like the most +EV play to me and If he does this often try checking behing on some turns so that he doesn't always think he can c/r you with an over pair.


  6. You could get two Samsung 19" monitors for the price of one 24" monitor.

    I own a 24" Dell widescreen and I regret not going with a dual monitor set up. When i'm not playing poker it feels like there's just too much noise going on.

    As far as the hand goes, I think checking behind on the turn for pot control is the best play. This is a coordinated flop that good players will check/raise you on fairly often and you're ahead of his hand range on the turn so your check accomplishes two things:

    1. Prevent being bluffed or semi-bluffed off a better hand on a scary board.
    2. Makes your decision easier on the river because you can elect to fold and not lose much if a club comes, or you could induce a bet from a lesser hand if you check again when a safe card falls.


  7. get two 30" Widescreens :P


  8. I have a 24'' Samsung that works great for poker. No complaints.


  9. Dude... I am quickly becoming a fan of yours. Very impressive!

    Alan aka RecessRampage

  10. I know you already posted the answer. I haven't read it yet but I'd call here. Folding here seems a little too weak. I mean it's not much in comparison to the pot. I don't like shoving here. You have position so I'd call and see the river card and what he does with it.

    Alan aka RecessRampage

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