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Maybe six tabling isn't for me. I played a ton of hands this week - more hands than I have played some months. I didn't play any tourneys and played six tables most of the time.

My graph for the week looks ridiculous - thanks to some suckouts, coolers, lost coinflips, running KK into AA a few times, etc, etc, waaah, waaaah, waaaaaah. I think that I had Fuel type luck for most of the week.

The good news is that I managed to be profitable for the week. The bad news is that I played a ton of hands and had an eleven buy-in downswing in the middle there. I wish that I would have quit for the week at 8k hands. :)

I checked through my hands and there was only a little bit of spewing on my part. One example is getting all in preflop once with 99 vs. KK in button vs. blind battle. My button raises were getting 4 bet a lot and he happened to have a hand this time.

I am probably going to play less hands this week and will probably switch back to 4 tabling most of the time. Six tabling takes a high level of concentration that I sometimes lack.

The four biggest losing hands of the week - I should have raised the flop more but I felt like getting a little tricky against this particular player. I check raised the turn hoping he had a hand like AsAx or KsKx. Unfortunately, he had the nut flush. I needed the board to pair and it didn't . - A spot where I might have been able to get away from KK. - Another KK vs. AA. I'm not getting away from this hand against this guy. We had been 3 betting and 4 betting each other quite a bit. I guess I could have shoved preflop, but the result would have been the same. - I posted this hand a few days ago.

The four biggest winning hands for the week - Perfect turn for my hand and to get him to come along. - I raised with suited connectors preflop and then got priced in against two big hands. The flop couldn't have been much better and the turn was the perfect card. I'm not going to worry about being up against AA. - Slow playing is bad. I was surprised he shoved the river on me. I was really expecting to see at least a full house - hopefully one that I beat. He is a good player and said that he was playing so many tables that he completely misses the fact that the board paired. Lucky me. - This guy had trouble folding hands. I felt like I could get the most value by slow playing the 2nd nuts on the turn. We had been in a lot of blind vs. blind and button vs. SB confrontations and I felt like he was getting frustrated with me. I also had made a river bluff at this table a few hands earlier that was picked off. I guess paid off because of my table image combined with our history.

A couple of fun (maybe interesting) hands
- Villain was 33/24 and flat calling flop raises/shoving the turn. I saw him do this with a mediocre hand earlier and catch. I am getting the money in all day long against this guy. I loved it when he flipped his hand up.
- This guy was calling me down light a lot. I really felt like he would think that I didn't have an Ace if I bet big and might re-raise me. He was also playing Ax hands and would probably get all his money in if he had the other Ace. A good example of a horrible image paying off. - My hand looks so much like a squeeze. Flop the 2nd nuts and get paid off.
- I'll take this spot all day long. Unfortunately, I wou - I posted this one earlier in the week with the chat of the guy trying to berate me.

Crazy (way too many hands) Graph for the Week

2 responses to "Cash Games have Variance?"

  1. i 3-table full ring to cut down on the variance. it works ok for me. you gotta luv guys who can't fold TP.


  2. Holy shit. 21k hands... man, that's like more than 3 months for me... lol

    Alan aka RecessRampage