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Cardrunners launched their new site this week. Along with the new site (which I love - btw), they added a new pro - Cole South (aka cts aka muckemsayaah). I watched his first video last week and it is great. Another new pro is supposed to be announced in the coming weeks.

On Saturday, they put up Brian Townsend's video of my heads up match with him. (Click here for previous thread where I posted my video.) As expected, he points out several times how I am folding too much to his continuation bets. There were a few reasons that I was playing weak oop - none of them are good excuses. You can check out the video on the cardrunners site. (I think that you have to be a member. It may be free to view if you are registered, but don't have a membership. I'm not sure - let me know if you can view it without a membership.)

Along with the launch of the new site, CR is running an awesome promo during October. Every day from October 5th - October 25th, they are giving away a prize to a random member. Some of the daily prizes include an IPhone, Monitors, LCD TVs, Wiis, Xboxs, and a grand prize on the final day is Entry into the WPT Five Diamond Classic at the Bellagio.

Like I have said before - If you play cash games and don't have a cardrunners membership then you are missing out. Go join now and use cmitch as a referral. (Shameless pimpage)

Back to Some Cash Games this Weekend

I haven't played much in the last few weeks due to work, life, etc. I put in a lot of hands at 1/2 6 max this weekend. I got off to a slow start on Wednesday and Thursday, but was in a zone over the rest of the weekend.

Overall, I finished up 8.6 ptbb/100 over 5k hands. If I look at just the weekend hands (Friday-Sunday), I was at 20.91 ptbb/100 over 3k hands.

I watched Gaucho21's video on cardrunners last week and he was advocating 100 buy-ins for cash games. I think that 100 buy-ins is waaaaaaaaaaay too much, but it did get me to thinking that I may need to be a little more of a bankroll nit. I think that I may stick with a 40 buy-in rule as opposed to my usual 15-25 buy-in rule of the past. I don't think that I will play 6max 5/10nl again until I have at least 40 buy-ins in my account. Maybe this will keep me from withdrawing for personal/family use. (Edited from 30 to 40 after reading through a CR post)

I'll filter through the hands in the next few days and put up some of the more interesting hands.

Graph from Wednesday through Sunday

Graph from Friday through Sunday only


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4 responses to "Cardrunners & Back to Playing Some Cash Games"

  1. I just can't decide which one I want to go with. How is CR for SNGs? I can't decide between CR or PokerXFactor... or even potentially SNG Icons...

    I obviously need to help. I would like a site that has plenty of SNG videos but also cash games (both limit and no limit). CR obviously does great on the cash NL side. I can always uses Stox for limit as long as I get so much rake generated using TITN rakeback site.

    I've decided to let PokerStars fund my training. Once I've got $400 in there (I have about $300 in there now), I was going to keep that account exclusively for training.

    I hope people do watch your video. I enjoyed a few weeks back.


  2. very good weekend at the tables.


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